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This type of product is used for businesses like Salon or Gym, but for this article we will try to explain how to make it in the Business Gym

Usually in the Gym has packages like:
  • Product with Limited Type method
  • Product with Unlimited Type method

I. Products with Limited Type method

Step 1: Make a Product Limited Type

Fill in detailed new product information in the 'Product Menu'. For type options, select the 'Prepaid Packages' option. When finished, just click the 'Submit' button.



Step 2. Arrange for Arrival Times

The following is an example if we make 10 times of arrival in 1 month, then you must fill in Points = 10 Points, Expiration = 1 Month.


II. Product with Unlimited Type method

The difference between Limited product and unlimited product is only on the Poin 

Step 1. Make a Product Limited Type

this following step how to create unlimited product, its mean every customers can use their packet anytime on the period



Step 2. Arrange for Arrival Times

Point = 0, which means that each time you come does not reduce the point



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