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To add product data we provide options by importing the product with the .CSV file. This allows you to quickly add the items without having to manually add them individually. Follow these steps for adding products using the .CSV file

I. Import

Step 1. Select import button on product menu

Step 2. Download sample then Choose file, Upload the file after you input on .CSV file

Note :

1. Open the sample file that has been downloaded and change according to the product you want to put into the Dealpos system then Save. if the display of the CSV file format is messy you can fix it by following the steps in  this article : ' Why my file csv has display bad format

2. Click Choose File to upload the CSV file that was created previously, to display additional setup options you can click more options. When it's finished you can press the upload button to save your product into the Dealpos application.

3. Make sure you also set the Inventory Options - Update to YES, if you are also importing Initial / Opening Inventory for your outlet.


II. Properties

Standard column sample

More Column Detail


Column Properties

Column Description Data Type Sample
Category Category of the product String Food
Product * The name of the product String Burger
ProductCode Code which is used to uniquely identify a Product Number 4050
Variant Available variants for the product String Jumbo
Code Code which is used to uniquely identify a variant Number 405011
Supplier Supplier Name when you Buy Product String jhon
UnitCost Price when you purchase to supplier Number 20000
UnitPrice The price you want to sell to your customer Number 30000
Discount Discount of the product Number 10
Weight Set weight product Number 1
UOM Units of measurement from your product String PCS
Type Standard / Non-inventory / Complementary / Serialized / Composite String Standard
ReorderPoint Alert users when inventory belowt the ReorderPoint Number 5
Commission   Give your sales commission for selling products Number 10
Description To make notes for your product  String Glass product
ProductDescription  To explain notes your product String "This product contain glass"
Tags Tag for your product String Glass
ExpirationDay  Expiration point in day Date 8/04/2020
ExpirationMonth Expiration Point in month Date 20/012/2020
UnitQuantity Each variant contains some units of goods Number 10
PaymentType If you want payment type that can be made String Cash
ProductImageURL If you want to insert the product image Image https://photo.jpeg

Dynamic column name

Column Description Data Type Sample
Inventory_{Outlet Name} The inventory count of the particular product in a certain  outlet String outlet1
MinStock_{Outlet Name} Lower limit of inventory stock. Number 10
MaxStock_{Outlet Name} Upper limit of inventory stock Number 50
ExtraCost_{Outlet Name} extra cost is an additional fee charged to the outlet, such as shipping costs Number 2000
UnitPrice_{Outlet Name} If you have two or more prices in your outlet for two or more outlets Number 10000
Discount_{Outlet Name} If you have two or more discount in your outlet for two or more outlets Number 10%
Pricebook_{Pricebook Name} If You have pricebook for your products String AprilPromo
Components_(CompositeProduct) If you want composite two or more product. String Tshirt

 Note : You can input opening inventory at the time of adding product Using Spreadsheet and fill in “Inventory_(Name of Outlet)” field.

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