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To add a list of products that you have directly in your browser using the spreadsheet format. 
Here are the steps to learn how to insert a product using a spreadsheet function :

Step 1. Select more menu on product menu then select new product


Step 2. Product Add Spreadsheet

Click 'Add Row' to add a new row to input the product, 'Clear All Row' to delete all product data that is on the Product Add Spreadsheet and Save Products page to save the product data that has been added..


Table Properties

Name  Function  Data Type Sample
  Category  set category  String   Top
  Product   set product name  String   T-Shirt
  Variant   Set variant  String   Black
  Code   set code variant  Number   T0012
  Supplier   set supplier name  String   Denim corp
  UnitCost   Set Cost to product  Number   30000
  UnitPrice    set price to product  Number   50000
  % Or Discount   set Discount to product  Number   10 %
  Inventory   set inventory to product  String   outlet1


Step 3. Save Products

The products that you have added will be directly listed on your products menu



Watch Video How To Adding Product by Spreadsheet

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