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If you want to user Promotion Coupon feature, what you need to do first is to you must create or generate the code from the coupon itself. In This article will show you the steps to create or generated codes for coupons which will later be given to customers or your staff.

Step 1. Click Generate at Tab Promotion Coupon


Step 2. Fill the Generate Coupon Form


Step 3. Choose Type Generate

When you want to create a new coupon, you have 2 ways to generate the code from the coupon itself, that is :

  • Manual Typed : You manually input the coupon code that you want to generate as well as the limit of its use


  • Randomly Generated : You only need to input the number of coupon codes you want to create and the limits of their use


Step 4. Choose Coupon Types



Step 4. Set Expired Date and Description

Here you can determine the expiration date or how long the coupon can be used, and you can also add a description of the coupon that you made at this time.


Step 5. Click Generate Coupon for submit

After you have finished inputting the Generate Coupon form, the next step is to submit the Generate Coupon button in the top right corner.

All coupons that you make will be input and appear on the Active Coupon List page

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