Import Promotion Coupon Code Using CSV File

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In addition to using the Generate coupon feature, you can also input the codes that you prepared before using the CSV File format. The steps follow the article below :

Step 1. Click the Import Button on the Coupons Promotions Tab on the Promotion menu


Step 2. Click Download Sample File to get an example of the required data format


Step 3. Open the Sample File that has been downloaded, edited and saved 


Step 4. Save the CSV file that you have created in CSV (Comma Delimited) format.


Step. 4 Select the file that has been saved then click Ok to upload the file


Step 5. Upload successful


Import Promotion Coupon Code Properties Index

Column Description Data Type Sample
 Key*  Add   customer/supplier address  string  POSDISCOUNT5K
 Usage  Set usage Limit  number  5
 Type  Set Type of promotion  string  Jakarta
 Percentage  Set discount percentage  number  10%
 Amount  Set discount amount  number  10000
 Expiry Set expiry date of promotion coupon  date(dd/mm/yyyy)  22/11/2020

(*)is required 

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