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When you want to give your customer special offers, We provide you with Customer Group features.

Customer Group is a special treatment for your customer who has been registered as a special guest. On which he will be given special discount when they shop.

I.Add New Customer Group Through Contacts Menu

Step 1. Select group customer on 'More Menu'


Step 2. Select customer group then add


Step 3. Fill the group name and other properties on the form then save



II.Column Properties

Customer Group Properties Index

Column Description Data Type Example
Name*   string Family
Description   string Discount For Family Member
Point Disable   Option no
Discount Rate Fill with number only without '%' percentage symbol numeric 50

(*)is required

III.Assignment Customer Group to Contacts

 Step 1. Select and edit contact that you want to assign to customer group


Step 2. Select group you want to assign to the contact than save



then if you select the contact that you already assign the group whenever the contact called to sell menu it will should get discount group you have been set




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