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Bulk Operation Import using CSV format files. this make you easier to input bulk sales person data in contacts.

I.Import Sales Person Through Contacts Menu

Step 1. Select import button on sales person section


Step 2. Select download sample to get a CSV file that matches the upload format


Step 3. Open the files and fill the properties data on the excel


Step 4. Save files with CSV(Comma Delimited) format then save


Step 5. Select choose file than upload you saved file


II.Column Properties

Sales Person Import Properties Index

Column Description Data Type Example
Name* Input sales person name string John Doe Sales
Code input code string Sales-01
Outlets* you can assign multiple outlet to a sales using comma(,) separator (Ex:Outlet1,Outlet2) string Outlet 1
Sales Group you can created sales group through contacts properties (Ex:Junior,Senior,Trainee) string Junior

(*)is required

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