Show the QR code on your receipt

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This article aims to display invoice number information and name of outlet so it is generated into a Qr Code which is later issued when printing invoices.

Step 1. Go to Setup menu - More - Printing


Step 2. Select tab printing configuration - customer invoice - scroll down



Step 3. Invoice QR - Select QR Code - Outlet Number - Save


Column Description
Barcode To show the Barcode on the invoice
QR Code To show the QR Code on the invoice
Number Will display invoice numbers only 
Outlet Number JSON Will display the invoice number and the outlet
Minimum Amount If set below the amount specified when the transaction exceeds this limit, the QR will not be displayed


Step 4. After completing the transaction, a QR code will appear on the invoice



Step 5. Scan using the barcode scanner application on a mobile device

After the scan a transaction will appear at the outlet (Outlet2) with Invoice (20.06.00003)



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