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Before you connect Shopee with Dealpos, you must give Dealpos permission to access some of the functions in Shopee. 

I. Configuration

Step 1. Click this image below to open shopee authorization


Step 2. Login with your shopee account

Step 3. Confirm your Authorization

In this step you agree to give Deal Pos access to some functions in your shopee

**Note: this is confirmation to allow dealpos manage some feature from your shopee account 

Step 3. Authorization Success, Save your ShopID for use in Add Channel Configuration

Once the Authorization is completed, you will be redirected to


II. View Platform Partner in Seller Center 

After you give dealpos access to your shopee, you can see the results on the partner platform page in seller center

Step 1. Go to your shopee seller center then login to your marketplace seller pages

Shopee Seller Login


 then input OTP code for verification 

Step 2. Go to menu 'Pengaturan' and click 'Akun' then input again your password for verification then click 'Verifikasi' Button

Step 3. Click button 'Lihat' at platform partner

Dealpos application already connected to your shopee account


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