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After you have given access and got Token, you need to prepare Data Product and Chart of Account for Payment Methods 

I. Product

If you already have data product in DealPOS, You need to copy all data to For Mapping data product, every variant code in DealPOS must be the same with Product Code in

Step. 1 Go to Product menu - click Export 


Step 2. Download Sample Format Import Product from Jurnal.ID 

Step 3. Input Product 

After it's done, adjust format DealPOS to Jurnal.ID template then import
then save file

Step. 4 Import The File into Jurnal.ID 


II. Chart of Account for Payment Methods

Create Chart of Account for payment methods for each outlet 

If you have 2 outlets and for each outlet receiving 3 payment methods (Cash, Debit Card, Credit Card), you need to prepare 6 Chart of Account in Jurnal :

1. Cash Outlet 1
2. Cash Outlet 2
3. Debit Card Outlet 1
4. Debit Card outlet 2
5. Credit Card Outlet 1
6. Credit Card Outlet 2

Step. 1 Add New Account 

Go to Chart of Account menu - Add New Account 


Step. 2 Fill the Form

Fill the name of COA you want, then allocated Category with "Cash & Bank"

Step 3. Chart Of Account Created 

Repeat the step for next Chart of Account 

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