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If you already have data product in DealPOS, You need to copy all data to For Mapping data product, every variant code in DealPOS must be the same with Product Code in

I. Upload Product Automatically 

Step. 1 Login in - Go to Add-Ons - Open DealPOS AddOn

Step. 2 Go to Product Menu - Choose SKU Not in Jurnal

**Your Product already upload to, You can check in Product Menu.

Step. 3 Go to Product Menu - Choose SKU Not in Jurnal

** If in dealpos have mutiple variant in one product, when uploaded to, it will be changed to 1 product with 1 variant.

II. Export Import Product

Step. 1 Go to Product menu - Click Export 

Step 2. Download Sample Format Import Product from Jurnal.ID 

Step 3. Input Product 

After it's done, adjust format DealPOS to Jurnal.ID template then import.
Then save file
Note: for every product that has a variant, it's required to enter the variant name after the product name, for example

Step. 4 Import The File into Jurnal.ID 


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