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This article will show you how to change some invoice printing configuration.

I.Sales Order Printing Configuration Through Setup Menu

Step 1. Go to Setup then select the printing configuration in more menu



Step 2. Select the document visibility configuration


II.Document Visibility Index Properties


Name Description
Number Visible  Show or Hidden Invoice Number
Phone Number Visibility  Show or Hidden Customer Number
Company Visible  Show or Hidden Customer Company Name 
Customer Email Visible  Show or Hidden Customer Email
Print Time Visible  Show or Hidden Transaction Time
Payment Code Visibility  Show or Hidden Card Payment Code/Note
Customer Visible  Show or Hidden Customer Name
Customer Addres Visible  Show or Hidden Customer Address
Sales Person Visible  Show or Hidden Sales Person
Customer Code Visible Show or Hidden Customer Member Code
Invoice Created Time Show or Hidden Transaction Created Time
Register Code Visibility  Show or Hidden Register Code
Group  Show or Hidden Customer Group
MemberIdentification Show or Hidden Customer ID
Invoice Payment Terms Visibility  Show or Hidden Payment Terms
Time Visible Show or Hidden Invoice Printing Time
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