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These following is a tutorial to add marketplace integration (shopee & tokopedia). Before adding marketplace channels, you Should know Shopee ID and Tokopedia ID from your store.

Step 1. Go to Marketplace channel by clicking this link below

Step 2. fill form on marketplace channel

you need to input your dealPOS account,username and password

Step 3. select add Channel on Channel Menu

Step 4. fill form on Add channel Menu then save

Channel properties index

Column Description Data Type Example
Name set name to your channel string Imamshop
Market Place Select market place to connect option Shopee
Shop ID insert Shop ID from your market place Number 123456
URL insert link address of your store string
Outlet Set outlet for the transaction string Outlet1
Method  Set payment method to transaction option Cash
Tax  Set tax to transaction Option No Tax
Sales Order Set Type of your sales option Normal,Shopee
Inventory Set inventory for transaction Option  Outlet1
Delivery Set delivery for transaction Option Outlet1
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