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These following is a tutorial to add marketplace integration Shopee. Before adding marketplace channels you need to do authorize and make sure that user you use already have roles access Marketplace 

Step 1. Go to Marketplace Channel 

By clicking this link  then fill your link and user login

Step 2. Go to Channel and Click Add

Step 3. Click "Authorize Your Shopee Account"

Step 4. Login Shopee Account

Step 5. Confirm Authorization

Step 6. Click on Add to My Channel 

Step 7. You're Channel Add 

Note : Channel is added but you need to assign 'Orders Type, Outlet, and Warehouse Outlet' to complete

Step 8. Setting Up on tab POS Setup then Submit

Index Properties

Column Description
Outlet Delivery Outlet that accomodated transaction from Channel
Payment Method Payment method in use 
Tax Select Tax in use
Sales Order Type Set type of Orders
Warehouse Outlet Outlet that calculated stock from transaction from Channel 


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