If you have a business in manufacturing and its main activity is to change raw materials, components or other parts into finished goods for resale and DealPOS has features that are suitable for this type of business. At present DeaPOS is able to support this type of business, where you can input manufacturing product types which consist of several product components as raw materials.

I. Via User Interface

Step 1. Select Add on Product Menu

Before you start making manufacture product make sure you should have component products to be combined into product manufactures. For example: we make a Cake which consists of ingredients (chocolate powder + egg + sugar + salt + flour).

Step 2. Create Manufacture Product then Submit

Fill in the Product Form data and select Manufactured type to make manufactured products then Submit.

Step 3. Search Manufacture Product then edit variant

Click the Manufactured product that was created before then click the variant then click the edit button.

Step 4. On tab Component you can add element or ingredients of cake then Submit

Click "Add" to add ingredients to make the cake.

To carry out the manufacturing process can be seen at this link : https://support.dealpos.com/en/articles/4774002-job-order-for-manufacture

II. Bulk Operation by Importing CSV

Change the type of cake to "Manufactured", and fill in the code of your ingredients with the amount used.

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