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This article will explain how to make a manufactured type product.

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If you have a business in Manufacturing and its main activity is to change raw materials, components, or other parts into finished goods for resale, DealPOS has features that are suitable for this type of business. DealPOS is able to support this type of business, where you can input manufacturing product types which consist of several product components as raw materials.

I. Via User Interface

Step 1. Go to Products, then Click Add

Before you start making Manufacture product types make sure you should have component products to be combined into product manufacturers. For example, we make a Cake that consists of ingredients (chocolate powder + egg + sugar + salt + flour).

Add Product

Step 2. Select Manufacture Product Type, then Click Submit

Fill in the Product Form data and select the Manufactured type to make manufactured products then Submit.

Select Manufacture Product Type

Step 3. Search Manufactured Product, then Edit Variant

Click the Manufactured product that was created before, then click the variant then click the edit button.

Edit Manufacture Product (Variant)

Step 4. Add Product Ingredients

On the Component tab, you can add elements or ingredients of the cake, then click Submit.

Add Product Ingredients

Click "Add" to add ingredients to make the cake.

Add Ingredients

II. Bulk Operation via CSV Import

Change the type of cake to "Manufactured", and fill in the code of your ingredients with the amount used.

CSV Sample for Upload Manufacture Product

Notes :

There is 1 scenario that we can't handle, the scenario will be like this :

  • If there is space on your SKU Product.

    Example: SweaterZara Z-01 , SweaterZara Z-02

  • And when we write the formula component, it will be quantity (space) product code + quantity (space) product code.

    Example: 1 SweaterZara Z-01 + 3 SweaterZara Z-02

  • It will be defined as an error, SKU doesn't match, because it will just read the "SweaterZara" only.

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