Create a new products manually or by bulk (import) for faster processing and simplify the process of product input

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Proposal that you send to your customers which details all the items and their prices that you are planning to sell to them

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Make sales order in store with internet or without internet connection

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Opening and closing register and view shift report for each cashier

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View all reports of your sales and purchases at your outlets in a wide selection of various reports to help you analyze your business activities

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Manage customer database, supplier and sales person, you can enter contact manually or by import

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View sales order and purchase order history, You can reprint and track shipments or payments

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Recorded payment receive from invoice

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Check the position of stock on hand, allocated and available and track inventory movement for each products

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View report for account receivable and account payable

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Process Inventory Count to compare inventory on hand with inventory in system, you can enter adjust manually or by import csv file

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Process of adding stock by buying products from suppliers

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Manage deliveries between outlets, customers and suppliers

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Fulfill your customer's order from other outlet that you have

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Simple manufacturing where you can convert raw materials into finished materials

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Prepaid Packages

Manage product with prepaid package type, you can create, sell and using prepaid package product

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We have several type of promotion such as Holiday Promotion, Buy X Get Y, Cheapest item and much more

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Manage access control for each user, you can differentiate access to view, Create, Edit and Delete for each menu

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Manage all the outlets you have, restriction of access to outlets, adding registers, customizing receipt templates, quick key templates and park templates

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Find some additional settings such as adding payment types, taxes, transaction numbers etc.

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Retain your existing customer with loyalty program

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Show info about Customer Subcription

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Omni Channel

Integration with Shopee, Tokopedia, and WooCommerce to make it easier for you to manage products, inventory and orders.

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Jurnal Integration

Integration with cloud-based accounting software in Indonesia

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Collection of tools that can be used to help resolve issues in POS

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Help your customer to see their cart and total transaction amount. And give them any information about your promotions held in your outlet

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Mobile Version

Dealpos can be used in the Android version, you can use a mobile phone or tablet, just install the Dealpos application on the Google Play Store

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How to get notification from dealpos about system updates

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Monitor business financial reports with accounting system, we have some report such as Income statement and balance sheet

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Integration with our partner program such as Tada, and Jubelio

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Hardware & Sofware

Install hardware and software such printer thermal and remote desktop application

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Connect with another apps with open API Integrations

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Midtrans Mobile Payment

Receive cashless payments from your customers directly from our Point of Sale application without additional devices/hardware

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