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Make sales order in store with internet or without internet connection

Additional Column in Cart (Sell Menu)To configure cart/grid column visibility when making sales transaction
Set Default Warehouse For Specific OutletDeduct Invetory from another Outlets by default
Clear Cart When Changing Customer's NameHow to emptying item cart on sell when customer name changed
Remember Order Tag from Previous InvoiceRemember the sales tag selected in the previous transaction to be used in the next transaction
Set Default Sales Type/Tag For Specific OutletsAssign Sales Order Tag into a Specific Outlet to Differentiate Sales Transaction
Disable Offline TransactionConfiguration for Disable Offline Transaction in Sell Menu
Prevent OversellingAvoid negative Inventory by reading the available stocks
Sell With Different CurrencyThis article will explain how to add currency when selling.
Sales Person Required in Sell MenuSet sales person to be required / mandatory in sell menu
Showing Product's Component in the Sell menuLearn how to display the items included in the bundled product when making a Sales Transaction
Customer Required in the Sell MenuHow to make Sell menu requires Customer Input
Products with Unit QuantityHow to sell product with dimension.
Hide Same Payment Method when Split PaymentDon't show the same payment when creating invoice so as not to choose the same payment
Add Prefix for Transaction NumberHow to differentiate initiation of customer invoices, supplier bills, adjustments and estimates.
Show Thumbnail Product Image in SellLearn how to display images of the product in the Sell menu as thumbnails.
Display Category Product on CartHow to show product category in selling cart.
Show Unit Cost at Product DialogLearn how to show and enable edit unit cost at product dialog when creating new invoices
Configuration Quick Add New Customer ButtonDisable the plus button on the sell page so can't add new customers when selling
Set Capacity Offline Product CacheHow to expand offline product cache capacity.
Set Up Digital Scale on DealPOSConfigure digital scale to connect with DealPOS
Park Configuration ExplanationExplanation about park and retrieve configuration in setup menu
Setting Up Sales & Tax RoundingConfigure rounding for taxes and total sales amount
Render Product Description in Item NoteShow product description when selling.
Tolerance AmountGiving Tolerance for differences between Invoice & Payment
Set Default Payment Option Cash or CreditHow to choose the default cash or credit payment when selling
Disable Split Payment when SellingHow to disable the split payment feature.
Show Index Number in Transaction CartGive numbers on your product when selling to track how many items in the cart by Ascending.
Open Dialog After Add Product to CartSetting to shown product dialog the chart to make editing easier
Setup the Minimum Selling PriceRestrict a user from editing sales product price in Sell menu below product cost or selling price
How to Create new CurrencyThis article will explain how to create new currency