On DealPOS, you can show the QR codes from the customer invoice/sales receipt in the printed receipt paper. The QR Codes will return the values of the customer's invoice number or the outlet name when scanned. To show the QR codes on your printed receipt, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Setup menu, click More menu, click on Printing

More menu

Step 2. Select tab Customer Invoice, scroll down until you see the QR code config

Customer Invoice Printing Configuration

Invoice QR

Step 3. On the Invoice QR select QR Code, choose Outlet Number JSON, and click Save

Invoice QR Configuration

Table Description :




To show the Barcode on the invoice

QR Code

To show the QR Code on the invoice


It will display invoice numbers only

Outlet Number JSON

It will display the invoice number and the outlet

Minimum Amount

If set below the amount specified when the transaction exceeds this limit, the QR will not be displayed

Step 4. After completing the transaction, a QR code will appear on the invoice

Receipt with QR

Step 5. Scan using the barcode scanner application on a mobile device

If you scan the QR codes, It will show you the Outlet Name, Invoice, and Customer Invoice number

Scanned QR

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