DealPOS is already integrated with Gopay-QRIS payments where you can receive payments from all types of E-Wallet and BCA Mobile with just 1 QR-Code.

If you are interesting on integrate your DealPOS account with Gopay-QRIS, you can register a submission for a new merchant (Individual or Company) at the following link:

The differences between the merchant types lies in the uploaded document:
1. Individual requires : Personal ID card and TIN (Owner)
2. Company requires : Director's ID card, TIN (Company), Company Establishment Deed, SK Menkumham, SIUP, TDP / NIB

Some things you might need to know when registering:



Business Model

Desired merchant type (Individual / Company)

PIC Finance / PIC Merchant Support

Person in charge (Can be one person)

Correspondence Address

Business address

** Sure that email address and telephone number have never been registered with Midtrans, either through DealPOS or not

** After completing registration , wait for an email from Midtrans regarding your submission, a maximum 7-14 working days

** If within 7-14 working days you have not received further email regarding your submission, you can contact our team at 085890583000

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