If your QRIS registration process has been accepted and declared as successful, you will receive an Email from Midtrans for the registration process to the Midtrans Portal. Midtrans Portal is a portal from Midtrans to view your account details (such as transactions and payments in your accounts).

Step 1. Open Email Inbox

You will receive a registration Email to enter the Midtrans Portal. Click the "Click here to login" button

Activating your Midtrans Account - Email from Midtrans

Step 2. Fill Registration Form

Enter the required data for your Midtrans account

Activating your Midtrans Account - Registration

Step 3. Login to Midtrans Portal

Enter the registered Email and Password

Activating your Midtrans Account - Login

Step 4. User was Successfully Login

After successfully logging in, you will be directed to the Dashboard page

Activating your Midtrans Account - Login Succesful

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