Associated with implementing the Quick Response Code Standardization (QR Indonesia Standard, or "QRIS") we would like to inform you 2 things:


I. MDR ( Merchant Discount Rate ) Change

After activating the QRIS in the DealPOS system, there will be an MDR change given by Gopay which was previously 2% to be as follows:

Merchant Type









Refueling station


II. QRIS Terms and Conditions

The following are the QRIS terms and conditions, the terms and conditions are not fixed and may change according to the regulations of each E-Wallet.

1. Payment

  • QRIS Gopay can accept payments from OVO, Dana, LinkAja, etc. by scanning QRIS with the selected payment application

  • If you use OVO: minimum payment 1,000 rupiah and cannot use OVO Point

  • If you use Dana: minimum payment 1 rupiah

2. Pay Out

  • There is no changes in Pay Out, the transaction nominal will be transferred to your account H+1 if it reaches a minimum of 250,000 rupiah

3. Cashback

  • Currently if you pay through the OVO application, Dana, Linkaja, etc. will not get cashback

  • If you use Gopay, you will get / not get cashback according to the applicable regulations from Gopay

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