Although when making a transaction using QRIS is successful and the invoice is printed, it does not indicate that the transaction was completely successful, there is a very small chance that the invoice will not succeed (minimum failure rate).

Therefore we recommend that you make an SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) for cashiers to always take photos of the results of cutting the balance on the customer's cellphone, this is useful if you want to claim to midtrans when there is a transaction that has not been transferred to your account.

Below are some suggestions from us, to ensure whether the transaction with QRIS is successful or not:

  1. Every time a customer pays with the QRIS payment method, make sure to take a photo of the cut-off balance.

  2. After making the payment, confirm back to midtrans whether the transaction was successful or not. You also can check this article to make sure the transaction was successful on Midtrans.

  3. If there is a payment in midtrans the status is Failure, please contact the DealPOS support team to process the complaint to midtrans.

Midtrans issue payment reporting procedure:

  1. Inform the brand and merchant id that is experiencing problems.

  2. Send proof of successful transaction and deducted funds from customer's cellphone.

  3. Send a screenshot from the midtrans page that the transaction failed (capture transaction ID).

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