QRIS or Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard is a national QR code standard for electronic payments with server-based electronic money apps, digital wallets, or mobile banking. There are several merchants that accept QRIS payments as one of their payment methods for now.

DealPOS currently supports setting the QRIS code for each outlet when using QRIS as a payment method. As a result, payments received can be monitored by each outlet. Of course, it will make things a lot easier for merchants who have a few outlets and want their Payment Received to be different for each one.

For the detailed steps to make QRIS for multiple outlet, you can follow the instruction below:

I. Make sure you have two different Midtrans QRIS Server Keys

Step 1. Go to Outlets menu

You can click on the outlets you want to set up. Then click Edit

Outlet settings in DealPOS
Outlet Info

For example, I choose Outlet 1 - Muara Karang.

Step 2. Click on Digital Payment

You can assign the Server Keys to the Midtrans QRIS column.

Add qris server key

Then you can click Save.

Step 3. Assign another Server Key to other outlets (Optional)

You can choose which outlet you want to set up as a second outlet which having a different midtrans QRIS server key.

Add qris server key to other outlets

For example, I choose Outlet 2 - PIK to assign the second Server Keys.

II. Try to Sell with QRIS Payment Method

Step 1. Go to the Sell menu

You can try to Sell using QRIS Payment Method.

Sell with gopay

Step 2. Try to scan the Payment in Outlet 1

The image below is the result when you scan the QRIS code in Outlet 1 - Muara Karang :

Payment with Midtrans QRIS

Step 3. Try to scan the Payment in Outlet 2

The image below is the result when you scan the QRIS code in Outlet 2 - PIK :

Payment with Midtrans QRIS

That will show a different Receiver between Outlet 1 and Outlet 2.

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