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Send Invoice via WhatsApp & Pay with QRIS
Send Invoice via WhatsApp & Pay with QRIS

How to Pay Off Debt with QRIS payment

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If your store has a credit system for your customers, before the customer pays their debt, You must manually input payment in the orders menu. But now to simplify the payment process we provide options so that your customers can pay more instantaneously using QRIS. So you only need to generate QRIS from the orders menu and give the QRIS to your customers. When paid, orders will automatically be PAID.

Step 1. Create a Transaction with Payment Later Method

For steps, click here.

Make Sales Transaction with Credit

Step 2. Go to Order, Open Invoice Detail (Debt Invoice)

View Unpaid Invoice Detail

Step 3. Select QRIS via WhatsApp

Select QRIS via WhatsApp

Step 4. Scan QRIS to Pay Transaction

Scan QRIS to Pay Transaction

The above QR will be used for paying off customer debts.

Print QRIS and Scan
  • You must Install the Screenshot Tool to crop the QR like this.

  • Send the QR has been cropped to the customer using Whatsapp messenger email, etc.

  • Ask your customer to pay an invoice by importing images that you have sent to the payment application. For example, we use gopay.

1. Open your gojek application and select pay

2. Select import image

3. Enter the image that has been cropped from Dealpos

Pay with Gojek

Import Image

Choose QRIS to Upload

4. The payment amount will appear, select confirm and pay

5. Input your PIN

6. Payment Success

Input Amount to Pay

Input PIN

Payment was Success

Step 5. Recheck Invoice Payment Status

Recheck Invoice Payment Status

After success, you can check the status of payment has been paid.

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