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Add Payment to Credit Sales / Purchase
Add Payment to Credit Sales / Purchase

Pay Unpaid or Partial Invoices / Supplier Bills in the POS system

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When Customers have debts or we owe Suppliers money, and they finally pay the debts, we must input them into the POS system. We can search and check it out first to make sure which invoice they want to pay or which bills we want to pay to the Supplier.

Before adding payment to credit sales/purchase transactions, make sure you have at least one invoice with unpaid payment status (Transaction with Payment Later). Here are the steps for paying debts from Debt Menu and choosing which invoices to be paid.

Step 1. Go to Debt (Accounts Receivable), then Click Credit Amount

Click on the credit amount to the debt that you want to pay, then it will direct you to the unpaid invoice list.

View Customer Debt
Accounts Receiveable

Notes :

In the debt menu, there are Single & Bulk Columns. For this single column, for payment, use Add payment on the invoice directly. As for the Bulk Column, this is due to the settlement of invoices using Join Invoice.

Step 2. Click Invoice Number to Add Payment

Select the unpaid invoice number you want to add to the payment, then it will direct you to the invoice detail.

View Unpaid Invoice

Step 3. Go to Payment Section, then Add Payment

Add Payment

Step 4. Input Payment Detail, then Click Ok

Input Payment Detail

[Tutorial Video] Add Payment to Credit Sales / Purchase

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