When Customers have debts or we owe Suppliers money, and they finally pay the debts, we must input them into the POS system. We can search and check it out first to make sure which invoice they want to pay or which bills we want to pay to the Supplier.

Here are the steps for paying debts from Debt Menu and choosing which invoices to be paid :

I. Create Credit Transaction Through Sell/Buy Menu

Step 1. Create a transaction using 'Later Take Credit' payment

Pay Later

*Note: You need to fill in the contact information to create a credit transaction

II. Search the Receivable List Through Debt Menu

Step 1. Select the 'Account Receivable' and click on the credit value

Account Receivable

Step 2. Select the unpaid invoice number you want to add the payment

Click Unpaid/Partial Invoice

Step 3. Select add payment in invoice detail

Add Payment to pay debt

Step 4. Fill in detail of payment and then 'OK'

Input amount and method

Tutorial Add Payment to Credit Sales / Purchase

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