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Make Sales Transaction with Payment Later
Make Sales Transaction with Payment Later
This later payment is usually used when the customer buys a lot of goods and wants to ask for time for payment.
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Some stores, there are usually those that use later payments. Usually, this later payment is used when the customer wants the debt first until the specified date is paid off. The payment period is usually set by each store.

At DealPOS there are several steps to make a later payment. Here are the steps to follow.

Table of Content :

I. Make Transaction with Payment Later

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make a Transaction

Select Product and insert to cart using manual add, barcode scanner, or click on your quick-key.

Add Item to Cart on Sell

Step 2. Input Customer Name

If you already have customer data, you only need to type the customer's name in the customer column, but if the customer's name doesn't exist yet, you can add it by clicking the + sign next to the customer column.

Input Customer Name

Notes :

You must input customer name to pay transaction with payment later method.

Step 3. Pay Transaction, Set Invoice Due Days, then Click Ok

After that, you can click pay, then click to the later. Here you can fill in the payment period for how many days. Then click OK.

Pay Transaction with Payment Later

After clicking OK, at the time of printing the invoice, there will be an inscription UNPAID which means that the invoice has not made a payment. And under the invoice, there is a date for payment.

Recheck Invoice for Credit Bill

II. Add Payment for Unpaid Invoice

Step 1. Go to Orders, then Choose Any Unpaid Invoice

To pay off invoices that have not been paid, you can go to the orders menu. Then click the invoice whose payment status is unpaid.

Check Unpaid Invoice Detail

Step 2. Go to Payment Section, then Click Add

After that you can click add in the payment section.

Add Payment

Step 3. Choose Payment Method & Input Amount, then Click Ok

Then you can choose the payment method, adjusted to the customer's payment. When finished, you can click OK.

Choose Payment Method & Input Amount

Step 4. Recheck Invoice Payment Status

The payment has been added, the invoice status will change from UNPAID to PAID.

Recheck Invoice Payment Status

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