When your store has already registered to QRIS, you must make sure that the transaction is success. Although the receipt was printed after the transaction, there will be a small chance that the transaction is failed because from the Midtrans there's still a minimum failure rate on every transaction.

To prevent this situation, we recommend you to make a Standard Operational Procedure for your cashiers to take the picture from every successful payment balance deduction using QRIS from the customer's phone when selling.

This procedure is very useful and will act as a proof when you want to claim the failed transaction from Midtrans to your bank account

To make sure if the payment from a transaction using QRIS is successful or not, you can follow the steps below:

I. How To Confirm if the Transaction Success

Step 1. Go to the orders, customer invoice, select the invoice

Customer Invoice

You can check the notes from the transaction, and make sure the notes is having URL values. Then you have to copy the value and paste it to the Midtrans dashboard URL. Then you can go to dashboard Midtrans by using that URL.

Midtrans Dashboard

If the value from the invoice notes shows the transaction in the dashboard, then your transaction is success.

Step 2. Go to Payment and click on the Payment Gateway

If the transaction is success, There will be report about the Payment gateway used for the transactions using QRIS.

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