When creating parked orders, you might face the situation where your customers from table 1 and table 2 want to merge their orders into one customer invoice. This example image below shows the illustration of the situation you might face

Merge Parked Order from Different Tables

To merge parked orders into one customer invoice, you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make a Park Order

Create two Park orders using Park button, and make sure you have 2 orders on different tables.

Two Parked Orders

Step 2. Retrieve Order and Merge Order

Click on the Retrieve button, select the tables that you want to merge into one invoice, and click merge.

Merge Parked Orders

Step 3. Recheck the Changes

Both parked orders will display the products from each order on the selling cart, then you can park it again or do the payment.

Merged Parked Order

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