When creating a Parked order transaction, you can split bill and quantity from the product in the cart. This feature helps you to separate bills when customers want to split the transactions into more than one bill. To make a split bill and quantity you can follow the steps below:

I. Split Bill

Step 1. Create a transaction through Sell Menu

Create Sell

Step 2. Park your Order

Parking order

Step 3. Retrieve your Order

Retrieve order

Step 4. Split your Order

Split order

Step 5. Choose the product you want to split payment and then click park on your order again in table 2

Split park
Split table

Step 6. Click on Retrieve and select Table no. 2

Retrieve Split

Step 7. There will be the product that comes from the first Parked order before split

Splitted parked order

Step 8. Click Pay to Continue completing the transactions

Split order invoice

Step 9. Click Retrieve again on the Table no. 1 to make the second transactions using the split product


Step 10. Click Pay to Continue completing the transactions

Pay split invoice

There will be two different customer invoices from the Split bill features

II. Split Quantity

Besides splitting one parked order into two parked orders, you can also split the quantity in the sales orders list. You can follow the steps below to see how to split products quantity in the sales order list:

Step 1. Create a Parked order on the Sell menu

Parked order

Step 2. Click the Retrieve button and select the table park

Retrieve parked order

Step 3. Click Split button

Split parked order

Step 4. Checklist the product and specify the qty amount to split, and Choose Table Park.

Split quantity

Step 5. There will be two parked orders with each having quantity from the split product quantity

Two parked order
Split qty from parked order

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