Park and Retrieve is a feature that allows a sales transaction from the customers to be placed on hold for a while. Park and Retrieve will make the customers be able to place an order in advance, add more items to the current orders, and pay for the bill when they're done.

Here is a simple illustration of how you can use DealPOS in a restaurant with multiple tables where payment is done after the customer finishes his/her meal:

In a restaurant, a customer wants to make an order for their food. The customer then tells what they want to order to the cashier, and the cashier creates a Parked Order for the kitchen to cook the foods that the customer had ordered. The customer then chooses the table to dine in. After the food is served to the customer and they have finished eating the food, the cashier will print the bill for the customer, and then the customer needs to pay the bill to complete the transactions and print the receipt.

In a dine-in restaurant business type, It can also be explained as Putting Order (Park) and Processing Payment (Retrieve).

To make Park and Retrieve for the restaurant business type in the sales transactions, you can follow the steps below.

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I. Park Orders through Selling Pages

Step 1. Go to Sell, Input Item to Cart, then Click Park

Input the items into the orders, then click on the "PARK" button, and select the table.

Park orders

Step 2. Print Bill (Optional)

There will be a pop-up message for you to print the order for the kitchen, when printing Park receipts, we can set this printing display configuration based on Normal (in order) and by category, here is a normal Print Park display:

Print Park Orders

or you can change to printing view by Category to be look like this:

Display by Category for Park Printing

II. Retrieve the Parked Orders

Click "RETRIEVE" then select the parked order

Park and Retrieve for Restaurant Business - Retrieve Orders

III. Order & Bill

Step 1. Enable Print Bill

Go to setup menu - more menu - application - Park and retrieve - Enable Print bill choose YES.

Enable Print Bill

Step 2. Choose Print to Print Bill (Optional)

After enable bill, you can see Print button. Click Print, and you can Choose to print Order or Bill, to print orders to the kitchen, you can select Order. To print a receipt to the customer, you can click Bill.

Use Print Button

Step 3. Print Order for Kitchen

Park and Retrieve for Restaurant Business - Print Order for Kitchen

Step 4. Print Bill for Customer

Park and Retrieve for Restaurant Business - Print Bill for Customer

Step 5. Pay Transaction

Complete the payment to print the Receipt.

Park and Retrieve for Restaurant Business - Complete Payment

Park and Retrieve for Restaurant Business - Payment Complete

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The Park & Retrieve feature is very helpful for the process of recording customer orders in the restaurant sector, you can get this feature by using the DealPOS application, try a demo account for free for 14 days.

DealPOS Demo

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