If you have a restaurant business with the Dine in method, you can use the Park and Bill features. So when there is an order, you can choose a table and you can print a bill to give to your customers.

Step 1. Input Orders

Enter order according to customer order then when the customer finishes selecting the order you can click the park button.


Step 2. Park - Saving Customer Order

When you click 'Park' you will see a pop-up to dine in on your restaurant table.


Step 3. Table Information

Then you can choose the table where the customer is seated, after you have chosen there will be a display to add a Deposit, the number of visitors and a note on the table then click SAVE.


Then the printer that has been connected to your tablet will issue a print order that you have entered on your cart, then you can give the print out to the kitchen or bar section.

Step 4. Retrieve

Then if you want to add, subtract or print the bill on the 'park' order you can use retrieve then become the order that you will change or print the bill.


Select the order to be taken


Step 5. Bill

If you want to print the bill from the order click on the 'bill' button then the printer will print the bill from the order.


Step 6. Unpaid

Then if the customer wants to make a payment to the bill that they have received you can click the unpaid button to enter the payment that the customer has done.

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