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Offline Mode Feature in Mobile Apps
Offline Mode Feature in Mobile Apps

Selling without internet connection

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DealPOS continues to function even when your connection is offline. After you enter our Point of Sale page, the cache is automatically stored in your browser so that you can visit it at a later time even when you don't have an Internet connection. During offline mode, all orders are stored locally in your Mobile Apps and will automatically upload when you are online.

Table of Content :

I. Working Status Online & Offline Mode in Mobile Apps

Online mode is where your DealPOS system is connected directly to the server via the internet and all Orders, Product,s and Config data are real-time downloaded and uploaded directly to the server.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Click Online

Go to Offline Mode

Step 2. Enable Offline Mode, then Sync Products

Enable Offline Mode

Step 3. Products was Synchronized Successfully

Sync Product

Step 4. Go to Sell & Make Transaction

Make Offline Transaction

Step 5. Orders was Saved

Orders was Saved to Local System

II. Upload Invoice from Offline Transaction

Step 1. Go to Offline Mode Feature, Check Previous Offline Orders

Go to Offline Mode, Check Previous Transaction

Step 2. Turn Mode to Online, then Click Orders Details

Turn Mode to Online

Step 3. Click Upload Offline Orders

This section tells us how to upload invoice made as offline mode so that appear in Orders menu.

Upload Offline Orders

Step 4. Offline Orders were Successfully Synchronized

Offline Orders were Successfully Synchronized

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