Beforehand, we already launched DealPos mobile apps for tablet. Now we launched DealPos view for mobile phone. This following article will help you to run DealPos mobile view on your mobile phone. DealPos mobile view will make you easier to doing any transaction which is online or offline transaction. This feature is really suitable if your company have often to hold exhibition or bazaar because you just need one mobile phone and one bluetooth printer.

Step 1. Sign in your DealPos account

First you need to download DealPos mobile application and install to your mobile phone. after that you need to sign in your DealPos account run the application and start transaction.



Step 2. Go to Sell (Mobile) Menu

1. You can start selling from sell (mobile) menu,
in sell menu you can use quick key feature for sell best seller product

2. Or you can use search feature to sell your product by search your product name or product code



Step 3. Add Customer

You can add customer whom doing the transaction in your outlet. if the customer does not have registered before, you can add new customer by filling new customer form.


Step 4. Transaction Properties

Item Properties

Amount Properties

You can set products quantity, discount product, note, and select sales person in item properties.

You just need to click the product on the screen and item properties tab will be pop-up.

You can set total discount, discount amount, sub charge, and tax on amount properties.
to open amount properties, you just need to click amount tab on the screen and amount properties will be pop-up



Step 5. Payment

Before you complete the payment, you need select the payment method, then you can click "pay" to complete the transaction. You will receive transaction invoice after complete the transaction.

You can choose the type of payment used, using cash, using card debit/credit, or using E-money

If the payment apply E-money, you can scan the barcode like this.

Transaction has been successful.

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