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Using Android Tablet as Point of Sale
Using Android Tablet as Point of Sale

Start selling in Mobile apps using an Android Tablet

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Sometimes some users are more comfortable using a Tablet/Phone as a device for their Point of Sale, some of the reasons are to be more efficient and not take up a lot of space for the cashier. DealPOS currently supports the use of Point of Sale in mobile apps that can be accessed via Android tablets or Android smartphones.

In this article, we will tell you how to use Android Tablet as a Point of Sale. You can check the steps below.

Sign In to DealPOS App with DealPOS Account

Choose your domain, you can use, .com, or .net it depends on your registration domain, Input username, and password.

Login to DealPOS App

I. Sell Side Tab

In the sell menu, you can make sales transactions, there are 2 features for entering orders into the chart list, there are from Tab Favorite and Tab Product.

Tab 1. Favorite

Favorite is a quick key feature that makes you can input orders faster and more efficiently. You can see the configuration in the following article Setting Up Quick Key.

Tab 2. Product

Product is a feature to search products based on name or product variant code.

Product Tab

Users also can use Scanner to scan Product Barcodes with mobile camera.

Scan Product

Try pointing the camera at the barcode.

Point Camera to Barcode

Try to add products to the cart.

Add Product to Cart

Tab 3. Customers

On the top panel, you can enter the name of your customer (contact list) or use the add buttons (+) to add new customers.

Customer Tab

Display adding new customers will appear like this.

Quick Add Customer

If the customer already registered, you can search for the customer's name in the search field below.

Search Existed Customer

Try to add customer to the cart.

Add Customer to Transaction

II. Transaction Cart

Recheck the item on the cart.

View Cart

Feature 1. Set Item Quantity

After inputting the product to sell, you can adjust the quantity, Add discounts, Add notes or choose the salesperson who makes the transaction from the item settings. To open the item settings you can click on the product column on the sell screen.

Edit Item Qty

Set item quantity, then click save.

Set Item Qty

Feature 2. Set Transaction Discount, Surcharge, and Tax

You can set the total discount, discount amount, tax, or surcharge just click the Total Amount.

Set Transaction Discount, Surcharge, and Tax

Display adding discount invoice.

Input Discount Order

III. More Transaction Menu

We also provide several other features that can be opened by clicking the more menu.

More Menu

More Menu 1. Note

You can add notes to your invoice, click the more menu on the top-right menu, then click Note.

Transaction Note

Invoice Notes you can choose the type of sales order.

Choose Sales Order Type

More Menu 2. Fulfillment

If your customer wants his order sent to a specific address you can use this menu.

Transaction Fulfillment

You can input the customer's specific information here.

Input Spesific Customer

More Menu 3. Clear

To cancel your list of items to sell.

Clear Cart

Click Yes.

Confirm to Clear Cart

Recheck your transaction cart.

Recheck Empty Cart

IV. Pay Transaction

If the current sale is complete you can click the Pay button, you will see the type of payment that you can choose.

Pay Transaction

You can choose the type of payment used, using cash, using card debit/credit.

Choose Payment Method

The transaction has been successful.

Sales was Created

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