Quick Key is a feature that makes it easier for you to do selling transactions on the Sell menu, you can create a shortcut for best-selling products on the quick key, so, when the cashier makes a sell transaction including those best-selling products, they only need to click the quick button on the left of their sell menu.

Table of Content :

I. Create Quick Key

II. Setup Key For Default Outlet

I. Create Quick Key

Step 1. Go to Outlets Menu and Choose Quick Key Templates then Select "Add" Button

Add Quick Key

Step 2. First, you need to give the name of the template and then follow the instructions in the box "Tips / How To". Once done, you can click the Save button.

Add Quick Key

Step 3. Add more items to the Quick key that you create previously

Add Item on Quick Key

II. Setup Key For Default Outlet

Step 1. Go to Outlet, then Click Any Outlet

Outlet List

Step 2. Change your Quick key drop-down list to be Favorites (your own Quick Key), then click Update

Outlet Keys Drop-down

Step 3. Now the quick key that you created will appear in the sell menu

Outlet Quick Key

Setting Up Quick Key Tutorial Video

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