Selling is one of the main activities of every business. Selling is a transaction where the products or service is being exchanged for money. At its essence, selling is handling something (products or services) in exchange for money or other valuable items.

You can follow the steps below to create a transaction using the Sell menu on DealPOS :

Step 1. Go to Sell to Make Transaction

Input the Product(s) into the cart using manual add, barcode scanner, or click on your quick-key.

Input Products

On the product search bar, you can manually search the product using the product name, variant name, or Variant code.

Step 2. Input Customer Name (Optional)

Input Customer

On the customer input form, if the customer's contact has been saved in the Contact menu, you have to click on the drop-down list and choose the customers.

You can also create new customer contact by clicking the (+) button on the right side. This button will only appear if your user's group has been given the access to create new customer contact. To give access to the user's group to be able to create new customers, you can read this article : User Role Description

Step 3. Add Discounts (Optional)

When doing sales transactions, you can use 2 types of discounts. These are percentages discounts and amounts discounts. You can add the discounts for each product or discounts per invoice.

Discount per Invoice:

Discount per invoice

To add the discount per invoice, you can click on the discount button

Discount Per Invoices

Discount for each product :

Discount for each product

After that, enter the disc and quantity. The picture below will show you. For earlier disc computations, this was 10,000 for 2 qty, making a total of 290,000. However, according to the most recent revision of the discount menu, the price is 10,000 for a single quantity and 20,000 for two, with a total of 280,000 sales.

Step 4. Use Loyalty Point to Pay Transaction (Optional)

Loyalty Point
Loyalty Point

When doing sales transactions, you can use Loyalty Point which comes from the accumulated points on the customer contact to make a discount. To see more detailed information about Loyalty Point, you can read this article : Member Point (Loyalty Program)

Step 5. Input Invoice Note (Optional)

Invoice Note
Invoice Note

An invoice note is an optional requirement when creating sales transactions. It will help you to make a note like when there's additional information from that sales transaction that you want to insert into the invoice. To create invoice notes you can click on the Notes button.

Step 6. Pay Sales Transaction


When trying to input the payment for the sales transaction, you can choose the payment Now, or Later.

How to Sell Tutorial Video

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