This article explains how to process product returns/product sales returns. In DealPOS system there are several ways to do sales returns including the following:

I. Return with Invoice Number

If the customer comes to return the product and bring the invoice number they bought before, you can use the button on the right above corner

Go to Sell Menu then Input Invoice Number

After clicking Ok, it will bring back all of products in invoice with qty (-). Its only adjust itself which you want to remove

II. Without Invoice Number

If you make a return without an invoice number, you can directly go to the Sell form then input the product you want to return then give a minus (-) value on the product quantity according to the number of items returned or can right-click on the product then select return and automatic stock to minus then click Pay to process the return.

Go to Sell Menu - Input Product - Double Click on Qty - Set Quantity Min (-)

Note: If the customer wants to change the product, you just need to do one of the above and enter a new product. In the process of returning, the product stock will return to the store, and the amount of money will be reduced based on nominal returns

III. Sales Return in Order Menu

Step 1. Go to Order then Open Invoice

Click arrow behind discount button as picture below and choose return

Step 2. Bring back to Cart Sell

Here you is the same way as point I above just adjust its product with quantity (-) minus

Return Sales Order Tutorial Video

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