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DealPOS Mobile Installation and Sign Up
DealPOS Mobile Installation and Sign Up

Start selling with the DealPOS Mobile Apps on Android device

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In using DealPOS as a Point of Sale application, we give our users the option of being able to access DealPOS on a Web Browser (PC) or Mobile Apps (Android Only). With this option, it's useful to provide mobility to the cashier in recording transactions.

Also In this article you can know how to using Mobile Apps DealPOS, only with 3 steps you can run this application :

"Easy Step to Use Android Apps"

Easy step using DealPOS Mobile Apps

Now, for F & B businesses it can be more easier because dealpos can be accessed through a Mobile Phone, now you can do any transaction just from your mobile phone.

Step 1. Sign Up and Download Android APPS

If you haven't subscribed to DealPOS and want to try using it, you can register for free for a 14-day Demo : Start for Free 14 Days Trial

Create Trial Account for DealPOS


If you already have an account and have subscribed to DealPOS, you can skip this step.

Then you can Download DealPOS mobile application on your android.

Download DealPOS App from Playstore

Step 2. If you Want to Connect with a Printer Click Here

Switch on your Bluetooth Printer to the rear of the your tablet, and then connect bluetooth printer to your tablet.

Step 3. Run the Application

Run the application and you have a easy POS system to start selling.

Congratulations! you have successfully done the Installation and Sign Up process to use DealPOS Mobile Apps.

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