DealPOS supports the Move Table feature when the user wants to re-park the order. This feature gives flexibility to the user if there is a customer who wants to make a request to move the order to another table (restaurant) or room (hotel/inn). To see how the re-park and move order in the sell menu works, you can follow the steps below:

I. Re-Park Order

Step 1. Retrieve the order that has already been parked

Retrieve Park order

Step 2. Then add the additional items, click PARK again then click RE-PARK

Re-Park order

II. Move Order Table

In order to make a Table View in the Park and Retrieve feature, you can follow the steps in this article: Setup Configuration Park Layout

Step 1. Retrieve the Parked Order that needs to be moved

Retrieve Parked Order

Step 2. Then click PARK again, then click Move

Move Table

Step 3. Select the Table that the customer wants to move

Table 1 to Table 2
Table Moved

The Parked Order from Table Normal 1 has been moved to Normal 2

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