Putting Order (PARK) and Processing Payment (RETRIEVE) in a dine-in restaurant.

Park and Retrieve is a feature that allows a transaction to behold, usually in a Dine-In type restaurant, so that the customer can place an order in advance, and add more orders later, and pay for the bill when they're done.

Here is a simple illustration of how you can use DealPOS in a restaurant with multiple tables where payment is done after the customer finishes his / her meal.

I. Park Order through Selling Pages

Step 1. Input the orders then click on the "PARK" button


Step 2. There will be a pop-up message for you to print the order to the kitchen


II. Retrieve

Click "RETRIEVE" then select the order


III. Bill & Unpaid

Step 1. Click Bill then Ok


Step 2. Print the bill for customers


Step 3. Click Unpaid to complete the payment or re-print the bill


Step 4. Complete the bill payment

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