Putting Order (PARK) and Processing Payment (RETRIEVE) in a dine-in restaurant.

Park and Retrieve is a feature that allows a transaction to behold, usually in a Dine-In type restaurant, so that the customer can place an order in advance, and add more orders later, and pay for the bill when they're done.

Here is a simple illustration of how you can use DealPOS in a restaurant with multiple tables where payment is done after the customer finishes his / her meal.

I. Park Order through Selling Pages

Step 1. Input the orders then click on the "PARK" button


Step 2. There will be a pop-up message for you to print the order to the kitchen

When printing Park receipts, we can set this Print display configuration based on Normal (in order) and by category, here is a normal Print Park display:

Normal display for Park on DealPOS

or you can change to printing view by Category :

Display by Category for Park Printing

II. Retrieve

Click "RETRIEVE" then select the order


III. Bill & Unpaid

Step 1. Click Bill then Ok


Step 2. Print the bill for customers


Step 3. Click Unpaid to complete the payment or re-print the bill


Step 4. Complete the bill payment

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