Park and Retrieve are one of the features in the Sell menu, and also Park and Retrieve are useful for record/keeping orders from customers without having to pay in advance, or this park can also be used to book a table/room. Generally, Park and Retrieve are used in retail businesses, hotels, fast food restaurants, rental equipment, etc. Because this feature is useful for recording orders in advance & making payments at the end. To adjust the available table/room layout, you can customize the layout by adding a Park Layout that can be displayed differently at each outlet, the steps can be followed below :

I. Create Park Layout through Outlet Menu

Step 1. Go to Outlets Menu - click in Park Layout Template - Add


Step 2. Fill in field Name, Layout, and Alias - Save

  • The name field is to provide the name of the park layout template you want to create.

  • The layout field is for mapping park layouts, for example, Normal = 5, meaning that in 1 Normal tab, there are 5 slots.

  • Alias field is to rename the output layout that we set on the 'Layout 'field, for example, if we set Normal1=#01, then the layout name is changed into #01.

To use Alias, you need to activate the config settings first, you can follow through with This Article.

Step 3. Go to Outlets - Select one the Outlets - on Templates fields select park layout that you created earlier and Update


Step 4. Go to Sell - Select PARK - and choose the layout


Congratulations! Park layout has been successfully created and can be used now while doing the Park Transaction.

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