To receive payments from customers on a multinational/international scale, you will usually use more than one currency. Then you may be able to configure the POS to add a new currency, that allows you to record sales in more than one currency. Check out the explanation below for more detailed steps.

Table of Content :

I. Create Currency

II. Try to Sell Items in a Different Currency

III. Set the currency in a specific outlet

I. Create Currency

Step 1. Go click Setup > Currency > Add

Sell With Different Currency - Setup

Step 2. Input Name, Symbol, and Exchange Rate

Sell With Different Currency - Input Currency Form

Notes :

  • Input Name (Currency Name, example: Dollar)

  • Symbol (Currency Symbol, example: $)

  • Exchange Rate (The rate currency is entered with the primary currency, example $1 equals Rp. 16.700)

Step 3. Currency Added Successfully

Sell With Different Currency - Currency added successfully

II. Try to Sell Items in a Different Currency

Step 1. Click the Sell menu, input the product you want to sell, then click note

Change the currency according to the one that was added earlier. *for example the Dollar. Later the exchange rate will appear and it can be changed again according to the rate you want to apply. Then click OK.

Sell With Different Currency - Sell with different currency

Step 2. Click the product, then input the quantity and price of the product with the latest currency price, then click OK

Sell With Different Currency - Product detail

Step 3. Click pay, then the currency will change according to the previously inputted currency. Then click OK

Sell With Different Currency - Pay with new currency

Step 4. The Bill will display the currency used according to what was entered in the Note menu earlier

Sell With Different Currency - Receipt Display

Notes: when you change your currency the display will not automatically be changed, so the price has to be set to your new currency ex: dollar. The alternative is you can choose 1 outlet to have a price with new currency.

III. Set currency in spesific outlet

Step 1. Go to Menu Product, click variant and choose the product you want to set the currency

Set new currency

Step 2. Edit the product and go to "Outlet Price"

Set new currency
Set new currency

Step 3. Choose the outlet that you want to set the currency, and make sure the price and the currency have been changed, after that you can submit.

Set new currency

Set new currency

Set new currency

Step 4. Go to Menu Sell and search for the product "Kaos Nirvana (XL)", it will automatically show as a new currency that you have set.

Set new currency

Set new currency


Report Display

Notes: Currently, if you integrated with this flow for multiple currencies cannot be handle.

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