I. Create Currency.

Step 1. Go click Setup > Currency > Add.

Step 2. Input Name , Symbol, and Exchange Rate.

*Input Name (Currency Name, example: Euro)

*Symbol (Currency Symbol, example: €)

*Exchange Rate (The rate currency is entered with the primary currency, example €1 equals Rp. 16.700)

Step 3. Currency added successfully.

II. Try to sell items in a different currency.

Step 1. Click the Sell menu, input the product you want to sell, then click note.

Change the currency according to the one that was added earlier. *for example the euro. Later the exchange rate will appear and it can be changed again according to the rate you want to apply. Then click OK.

Step 2. Click the product, then input the quantity and price of the product with the latest currency price, then click OK.

Step 3. Click pay, then the currency will change according to the previously inputted currency. Then click OK.

Step 4. The Bill will display the currency used according to what was entered in the Note menu earlier.

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