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Avoid negative Inventory by reading the available stocks

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DealPOS sets default stock readings taken from on-hand stock. So, even though the stock has been reserved/booked, the system will still read that the stock can be sold. The Overselling feature will read the stock that has been reserved so that it cannot be sold. Learn more about Reserved / Allocated Stock.

Overselling is a condition where the number of orders we receive doesn't match the existing stock, then some customer orders must be canceled. This case usually happens when selling in multichannel marketplaces and offline stores.

This article will explain how to enable overselling validation and how to implement it. Before using this feature, users must deactivate the negative inventory feature at the outlet. Learn more about Enable / Disable Negative Inventory

I. Activate Overselling Validation

Step 1. Go to Setup, then Click More Menu

More Setup Menu

Step 2. Select Module (Configuration)

Module (Configuration)

Step 3. Go to Sell Tab, then Scroll Down to Advanced Section

Scroll down to the advanced section.

Sell Configuration

Step 4. Activate Overselling Validation, then Click Save

Activate Overselling Validation

II. Overselling Simulation

Overselling occurs when the stock of products that customers want to buy is greater than the available stock in the system. Available stock is on-hand stock minus allocated stock.

Step 1. Check Product Inventory

Pay attention to the product stock in the picture, on-hand is 5, allocated is 5, and available stock is 0. You can still input sales with stock conditions as in the picture if overselling validation has not been activated.

Check Product Inventory

Step 2. Make Sales Transaction, then Click Pay

Go to the sell menu, then input the product into the shopping cart and click the pay button to complete the transaction. In this simulation you cannot sell products because the available stock is 0.

Make Sales Transaction

Notes :

You will not be able to click the pay button or make a payment if you sell more products than the available stock.

Tutorial Video

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