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Allow or Disallow Negative Inventory
Allow or Disallow Negative Inventory

Configuration to enable or disable your outlet from selling items below the available quantity

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When we make a sales transaction, the available stock of goods in our outlet will certainly decrease. In DealPOS, we can configure whether the stock of goods can continue to decrease below zero or not. To configure whether the stocks of our products can continue to decrease below zero or not, you can set the Negative Inventory configuration that will be explained in the steps below:

Step 1. Go to Outlet, then Choose Any Outlet

Outlet List

Step 2. Click Edit button

Click the edit button on the top-right corner.

Edit Outlet

Step 3. Configure Negative Inventory and Click Save

Negative Inventory Yes

If you set it to Yes, the Outlet will be able to Sell products below 0 (zero) quantity. If you set it to No, the Outlet will not be able to Sell products below 0 (zero) quantity

Step 4. Make a sales transaction while the Negative Inventory Config is Disallowed

Go to the Sell Menu, choose the outlet that we previously configured with its Negative Inventory config turned off. and input a product into the selling cart

Selling Transaction

Click Pay button and see what will happen

Not Enough Inventory

A notification will appear stating that the product stock is insufficient at that outlet. If the negative inventory configuration is set to Yes, the product can be sold and the quantity from the product will be set to minus

Minus qty

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