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Adjustment Introduction
Adjustment Introduction

Types of Stock Adjustment

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Stock Adjustment is a form of inventory calculation for goods or products in the warehouse before they are sold. This activity is quite time-consuming because you will directly check and calculate the items in the warehouse. Currently, DealPOS already has the Adjustment feature, in DealPOS there are 3 types of adjustment methods that you can check below.

I. Adjustment by Archive

This page leads to adjusting inventory based on current updates or stock differences in products

Adjustment Introduction - Archive

II. Adjustment by Stock Take CSV

This page Exports of products listed on the system so can be imported to update

Adjustment Introduction - CSV

III. Adjustment Stock Take by Web Spreadsheet

This type of adjustment can be used to adjust stock per product directly from the user interface, and also this menu will display the current Inventory of products to make it easier for users to make stock adjustments.

Adjustment Introduction - Web Spreadsheet

You can also use filters such as Outlet (Mandatory), Category, Text (Search by Word), and Note (Optional).

Fill Counted Stock

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