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Stock Take by Web Spreadsheet
Stock Take by Web Spreadsheet

Adjustments are made when there is a difference between the number of products in the system and the stock at the outlet.

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Stock recording usually includes counting the number of products, conducting direct inspections, and making arrangements to facilitate business operations when a certain product is needed.

At DealPOS, you can adjust your product by using Stock Take by Web Spreadsheet.

This article explains, how to make adjustments by using a web spreadsheet. It will readjust the current product inventory with the new inventory quantity that you have inputted. It will make stock take easier if there are only a few items that you need to readjust and synchronize our system with your physical inventory.

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, then Select Stock Take by Web Spreadsheet

Adjustment by Web Spreadsheet

Step 2. Choose Outlet & Category to Adjust, then Click Next

Choose Outlet & Category to Adjust

Notes :

You can choose which outlet you want to make adjustments to at which outlet. For categories, if you want to display all products, you don't need to select the category.

Step 3. Fill Counted with Real Time Inventory, then Click Next

Fill Counted Column

Notes :

Then you can immediately fill in the real stock that is in what outlet, in the counted column. If there are no changes, then the counted column can be left blank

Step 4. Click Confirm Adjustment

Confirm Adjustment

This review section will display all the products that you want to adjust beforehand. The point is to avoid mistakes so that they are not directly adjusted, so it can be reviewed first whether the adjustment is correct or not, here also seen the difference for the addition of product stock when adjusted.

Step 5. Inventory Adjustment was Completed

Inventory Adjustment was Completed

Step 6. Recheck Adjustment History on Adjustment List

Recheck Adjustment History on Adjustment List

You can check out the history that you have changed on the archieve tab, and the type of adjustment made is update inventory.

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Stock in DealPOS system


Counted Stock/Stock in Hand/Stock in your outlet

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