When a cashier wants to check their storage where they can find the product they looking for, whether in a warehouse, an area, a bin, a shelf, or a rack, they can see them with the DealPOS feature to give them information about the location specifically.

The storage location function is to mark where your product was placed. It will help you to find out where the product was placed. You can set the product storage location in the Products menu by following the steps below.

Table of Content :

I. How to Create Storage Location

Step 1. Go to Products, Choose More Menu, then Select Storage Location

Product Storage Location

Step 2. Click Add, Fill the Form, then Submit

Click Add on Storage Menu
Create Storages you need

Storage Tree with Categories and Sub-Categories (if needed)

Storage Tree

Right-Click to create, rename, edit, & delete a Sub-category (if needed)

Right-Click to create Sub-Category

Notes :

The parent is optional to allocate the storage if it does have a parent of storage to put in.

II. Map Storage Location

Go to Products, click on the product, click Edit, then set the Storage Location for each Outlet, and Save.

Set the Storage Location of the Product for Each Outlet

III. See the Storage Location of the Product when Selling Items

After you input the Product into the Cart, you can see the Storage Location by Clicking the Product.

Storage Location in Sell Menu

Notes :

If you want to see your Product Storage Location in the Sell Menu, you need to make sure that "Module - Sell - Storage Visible" is activated.

Configuration Sell Storage Visible

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