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Explain the steps to remove outlet prices that are contained in products

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Sometimes as a business owner, you might like to differentiate the product buying cost and/or selling price from each outlet because of many factors. For example, the furthest outlet location from the warehouse will need more cost than the nearest outlet from the warehouse, and it will also affect the selling price of the products.

Besides being able to differentiate and create outlet prices, users can also delete all outlet prices in one click. Then you can follow the article below that will explain how to remove outlet prices based on category.

I. Select a Product with an Outlet Price

First, check the item that has the outlet price you want to remove.

Step 1. Select Products, Choose Any Variant

Choose Variant to Edit

Step 2. Go to the Outlet Price Tab

Go to Outlet Price Tab

Notes :

Try to check the variant with the outlet price that you want to remove.

II. Add Dummy Outlet

Before deleting all outlet prices, the user must create a new outlet. Because when a new outlet is created, automatically the price of goods at that outlet is non-existent (following the general price).

Because the last step in deleting outlet prices in this article is to copy the outlet prices from the new outlet that was created earlier to the outlet whose price you want to delete.

Step 1. Select Outlets, then Click Add

Add Outlet for Dummy

Step 2. Fill Outlet Register Form

Fill Outlet Register Form

Step 3. Go to User Access, Give Access to User, then Click Save

Give Outlet Access to User

Notes :

You need to create a new outlet because every new outlet that has been created does not have an outlet price, because our goal is to copy the outlet price of the new outlet is to follow the outlet price of the new outlet (no outlet price).

III. Remove Outlet Price via Tools

Step 1. Login Tools with POS Account

Login Tools with POS Account

Step 2. Select Outlet Price

Select Outlet Price

Step 3. Choose Source & Destination Outlet, then Click Process

Choose Source Outlet & Destination Outlet

Notes :

  1. Fill the source outlet with an outlet with no outlet price (the outlet you just created), and fill the destination outlet with outlets whose outlet prices want to be removed.

  2. You can also delete or copy prices based on categories.

Step 4. The Outlet Price was Removed Successfully

Outlet Price was Removed Successfully

IV. Re-Check Changes in Outlet Price

Step 1. Go to Products, Choose Variant to Check

Choose a variant where the outlet price has been removed.

Choose Variant to Check

Step 2. Click Edit Variant

Edit Variant

Step 3. Go to the Outlet Price Tab

Go to Outlet Price Tab

Notes :

This variant has no outlet price because the outlet price has been removed.

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