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Setup Different Prices for Each Outlet
Setup Different Prices for Each Outlet

How to differentiate the unit cost or selling price from variants of products on each different outlets.

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Sometimes as a business owner, you might like to differentiate the product buying cost and/or selling price from each outlet because of many factors. For example, the furthest outlet location from the warehouse will need more cost than the nearest outlet from the warehouse, and it will also affect the selling price of the products.

This article explains how to differentiate selling prices from certain product variants for each different outlet and how to set an extra cost on products when there are certain extra cost transactions. For example, fuel expense, freight in, etc.

There are several reasons why the price of each outlet can be different, they are :

  • Special Outlet (Airport, Train Station, etc)
    For special outlets, usually, the rental price of the shop is more expensive. This means that the seller must increase the price of the product beyond the standard price.

  • Difficult to Reach (Mountains, Inland Village, etc)
    There are also several outlets that are difficult to reach by the logistics team and cause logistics to cost more than usual shipping. Because shipping costs are higher, it means that the selling price must also be made more expensive as well.

To set different prices and extra costs of products in each different outlet, you can follow the steps below.

I. Setup Outlet Price by Manual (User Interface)

This section will show the user how to Set Different Selling Prices and Extra Costs on the Products Manual by User Interface.

Step 1. Go to Product, Choose Variant, then Select Any Variant

Choose Variant to Edit

Step 2. Click Edit

Edit Variant

Step 3. Go to the Outlet Price Tab, then Click Add

Add Outlet Price

Step 4. Choose Outlet, then Fill Out the Form

Select the Outlet from which you want to differentiate the selling price and/or the extra cost of the products.

Fill Outlet Price Form

Step 5. Click Submit

Submit to Save

II. Setup Outlet Price by Import CSV (Bulk)

This section will show users how to Set Different Selling Prices and Extra Costs on Products Bulk by Import CSV.

Step 1. Go to Products, then Export with Outlet Price

Click on the arrow beside the Export button, and click Export with Outlet Price :

Export Product with Outlet Price

You will download your product data in Outlet Price format.

Step 2. Fill Outlet Price on CSV Files

Fill in the special price for Outlet 2 :

Fill Outlet Price on CSV Files (Before)

You can leave it blank if there is no Special price for a specific Outlet.

Fill Outlet Price on CSV Files (After)

Step 3. Import Saved Files

Save the file and Import the file into DealPOS, Go to the Products menu, click the Import button.

Import Saved Files

Choose a file to upload :

Choose File to Upload

Click on the Upload button :

Upload File

Step 4. Import was Completed

Import is a success, now you can check directly to Product to see the changes.

Import was Completed

As you can see, the Outlet Price is now displayed on Variant Details :

Check Outlet Price

[Tutorial Video] Differentiate Price by Outlet (Extra Cost)

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