Presuming you want to add Delivery Fees to your invoice transaction, nevertheless, you don't want your cashier to have direct access to the sell menu to adjust the product price. You can try these following steps:

I. Create a product as an delivery fee

Step 1. Create non-inventory product

Step 2. Search the product and select the product variant

Step 3. Edit the product variant

Step 4. Scroll down and select the advanced setup



Require Authorization

Require the product edit price access

Do Not Require Authorization

Do not require any access to edit the price

Do Not Require Authorization and Sync Cost*

Do not require any access to edit the price - and the cost of the product will be the same as the selling price

*The third option will sync the cost price and selling price so it wont added to the invoice profit.

II. Use it on the Sell menu

Step 1. Add the product to your invoice

Step 2. Click the product and change its price

Step 3. Now you have customized price delivery fee

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